Thermal Inkjet

Thermal inkjet printers use electricity to heat ink and apply it to a substrate. Thermal inkjet printers offer the manufacturing sector with low running cost and print at a fast speed with a high quality finish up to 600dpi resolution.

It prints text, numeric, graphic, 1D & 2D barcode on a wide variety of porous & non-porous surfaces, including regular, glossy and specialty papers/box, plastics, metals and cartons

It does not require a warmup or cool down cycle, so they’re always ready for you to use.

In the manufacturing environment, most of these printers are simple to use and require no training or practice.

Our thermal inkjet printers are flexible, easy to integrate into your production line and designed for reliable high volume printing at high line speeds.

Key Features
  • Single head capable to prints up to 12.7mm height of text, numbers, barcodes, graphic and logos.
  • Combination up to 4 heads capable to print up to 50.8mm height of text, numbers, barcodes, graphic and logos.
  • High quality printing up to 600dpi.
  • Touch Screen Panel for user easy interface.
  • Support external encoder and photoelectric sensor.
  • Clean, maintenance free, reliable printing.
  • Multiple ink choices to suit different types of substrates.
  • Options for production line fixed mount version or portable handheld version.

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