Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTOs) use a high-resolution thermal printhead to produce crisp, clear barcodes and information directly onto products flexible packaging.

It require less maintenance and have longer ribbon changeover time, i.e. this increase production uptime and run longer.

It can print everything from simple date codes and batch codes to logos, product descriptions, ingredients lists, nutritional panels and fully compliant barcodes.

Longer printhead life thanks to the latest near edge technology to coupe with high volume production.

Designed for efficient printing to maximise ribbon economy (with each print gap of 0.5mm – 1.0mm) keep your business running smoothly.

Suitable for Intermittent/Continuous Packaging machine and desktop stand alone printer.

  • 33mm print width Thermal Transfer Overprinter performance.
  • 53mm print width Thermal Transfer Overprinter.
  • 110mm wide print width Thermal Transfer Overprinter.

Hot Stamp Printer

Hot Stamp Printer / Date Coding Machine are widely used to print product date, shelf life, weight etc. in the industry of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, aquatic, native products, cosmetics, electronic components, hardware, chemical and other etc.

Uses colour ribbon which has features of clear printing, instant dry, not sticky and not easy to wipe off.

Printing capability of up to 3 lines one at time.

Can print clearly on all kinds of plastic film, composite film bags, plastic, aluminium foil and other flexible packaging products.

Perfect code, light weight, easy to operate, modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low.

Constant temperature control, temperature can be adjusted to fit for different seal material and color bar.

Machine design with automatic continuously print codes or control by foot paddle.

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